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SoundField by RØDE NT-SF1 - Now Shipping
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Sep 14, 2018
The SoundField by RØDE NT-SF1 360° Surround Ambisonic Microphone is now shipping internationally.

The NT-SF1 records the entire spherical sound field. Every sound, every direction, perfectly. This means that later, in post-production, you can alter the mic directivity, position and rotation. Create a full 7.1.4 surround mix. Create a fully head-tracked 360-degree soundscape for immersive video. Whether recording opera, a swamp or a feature film, the NT-SF1 offers unparalleled quality and flexibility.

RØDE are also excited to announce the perfect companion for the NT-SF1, the SoundField by RØDE Plug-in.

The SoundField by RØDE Plug-in is a bespoke companion plug-in available for free download on both Windows and Mac. The Plug-In utilises state-of-the-art frequency-domain processing to deliver unparalleled spatial accuracy at all frequencies.

See more on the SoundField by RØDE Plug-in here:

See more on the NT-SF1 Ambisonic Mic here:

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