Warm Spot

Visual Storytelling-HCH COOP
Amy tries to convince Peter that when it gets warm in the Northwest, we enjoy it.

Behind the scenes of Warm Spot

This was a class project for our small co-op. We shot on a 6D with a 50mm 1.2. We used a rode video mic for on camera audio and the ME-66 with a rode dead cat on the boom. We used a H6N to capture the boom. We had to shoot on a Monday because that is when co-op meets. We were lucky to have a sunny day, as you can tell that it was vital to our script. It was edited and colored on FCX.

Productos RØDE utilizados


Visual Storytelling-HCH COOP

Thomas Clapper - Producer, Editor, Audio

Julianna Tweet - Director

Lydia Harlander - Director of Photography