InterCloud Filmworks
When Jessica discovers her husband is cheating on her, she decides to confront him with it.

Behind the scenes of Medium-Rare

We used a Nikon D5200 for the film and a nikon D5500 for the BTS along with a Rode Videomic MKII.
The sound was captured with a NTG2 along with a blimp and a boompole and the edit was made in Adobe Premiere Pro.
The stabbing foley was made using a watermelon.

Productos RØDE utilizados


InterCloud Filmworks

Wessel van Wanrooij - Director, screenplay & sound

Rens van de Roer - Director of Photograpy

Sebastiaan Ham - BTS Director of Photograpy

Chris Kok - Composer

Hedwig van Leuven - Actress

Christian Dol - Actor

Yentl de Jong - Actress