Whispering secrets

Pura VIDa Cornwall
A short film capturing the connection between a yoga teacher and the beauty of the forest.

Behind the scenes of Whispering secrets

Everything was filmed with a Nikon D750 either hand held or with a tripod. 24-120mm f4, 35mm F2. Audio gear - majority of the audio was captured using the Rode video mic pro with a deadcat. Also I used SmartLav+ into an iPhone and a H1 Zoom.

All the footage was filmed in Cardinham Woods in Cornwall. The voice over audio was filmed at home in Newquay, Cornwall.

Light permitting, I tried to expose for the highlights and make the most of the dynamic light.

I edited everything using Final Cut Pro X. LUT filters were added to unify the colours and Film Convert Pro was used to adjust the colours where required.

Productos RØDE utilizados

DeadCat VMP

Pura VIDa Cornwall

Mike Wakefield - Producer, Director, Camera man, Editor

Aimee Stapleford - Film subject