Not A Very Scary Story

ClawMountain Studios
There's nothing unusually scary about tonight. A comedy about a normal dinner with Brie and Ted, a newly moved in couple who don't realize they are the subject of a horror movie.

Behind the scenes of Not A Very Scary Story

Filmed in a Local House
Sony NEX VG900 for Film
Rode Boom Pole and NTG 2
Canon T5i for BTS
GlideCam, Tripod, Slider
Used Prop Limbs, blood, axe and a scary costume

We used classic long takes to build suspense, one takes for dramatic scenes, dynamic lighting to show the two moods and use to musical cutting and timing to play up the drama and horror and comedy.

Productos RØDE utilizados


ClawMountain Studios

Derek Wayne Aiello - Director of Photography

Trevor Howell - Director/Writer/BTS

Katie Langton - Editor/Colorist

Ben Conley - Ted

Emily Pearless - Brie

Jesse Pamintuan - Gaffer

Mrin Basu - Assistant Director

Willa Segar-Reid - Production Designer

Sam Hinrichs - Unit Manager

Ben Franchi - Sound Recordist/Boom Operator

Alice Airnoldi - Script Supervisor

Ben Bartlett - Music Composer

Cara Casier - Art Team

Julia Saukkonen - Assistant Editor