Co-Driver - Andy Bull

Painter Creative
Andy Bull is an experienced rally co-driver and gives us his take on the sport and why he likes to travel at speed through a forest in excess of 100mph whilst trusting the driver to deliver the goods...

Behind the scenes of Co-Driver - Andy Bull

Pulling everything together and organising the shoot was probably the biggest challenge. Andy Bull and Dansport had been Rallying in Morocco until 2 days before so communication was tricky to say the least! The weather also played its part, drones don't fly well in the rain and camera gear tends to object as well. However we pushed on in the hope that the rain would stop and we'd be able to film. It was a long days filming and keeping the crew and talent's spirits up was one of the critical factors. That's why I kept them well fed and watered - Wagon Wheels really are epic inside!

Productos RØDE utilizados

VideoMic Pro

Painter Creative

Paul Painter - Producer

Peter J Austin - Director Of Photography