Sewn Together

The Seoul Film Club
A man suddenly finds himself in a dark place, unable to communicate in the face of love.

Behind the scenes of Sewn Together

Sewn Together was produced by the Seoul Film Club--a group of international expats who are united by their passion for film--in Seoul, South Korea. The film was created using primarily a run-and-gun shooting style (on DSLRs) in locations around Seoul. We specifically wanted to feature the spring cherry blossoms. The post production workflow was done through online collaboration using Adobe's Creative Cloud and Google Drive.

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The Seoul Film Club

Makrenna Sterdan - Director

J.T. Harrell - Writer/PA

Marcos Baca - Producer/Editor/VFX

Jeremy Arthur - DoP/Colorist

Yinqing Quan - Assistant Director

Laura Prochilo - BTS Director/Editor

Robert Righetti - Original Score/Associate Producer

Dan Cavallini - B camera operator/On site supervisor

Chris Payne - Sound

Lindsey Huddleston - Makeup

Ray Segovia - PA/Makeup Assistant

Katt Von E - Still Photographer

Juanjo Garzia - BTS B Camera

Colin Pate - Actor

Irina Molozhavaya - Actor

Aidan Baca - PA