Just Run - My Rode Reel 2016

Composite Studios
Just Run is a short film about a kid trying to run away from his past of hard labor; he ponders on his journey and asks himself if living is worth it.

Behind the scenes of Just Run - My Rode Reel 2016

Just Run Soundtrack (Made specifically for this film): https://youtu.be/Czsp-8ABp4Y

Just Run was shot over a 3 day period: 2 regular shooting days and one last day to make up all the shots that were missed or messed up. It was all edited in one day, and most o the story was just something I came up with off of the top of my head.

We shot the film on an iPhone using Filmic Pro and the Opteka Hand Stabilizer Rig. The film was put together in After Effects and Premiere Pro; the music score was done by me using Soundation.com and Adobe Audition. We used the Rode Videomic Pro and connected the SC4 to it so it was compatible with the iPhone 5c we used. We also used a few lenses from Memteq (mainly the wide angle and polarizer lenses).

The film was a great learning experience and I cannot wait to see what others think about my first film.

I unfortunately didn't have any on-set recorded footage with the Videomic Pro other then a simple test I did.

Rode Gear can be found at 1:10

Productos RØDE utilizados

VideoMic Pro

Composite Studios

Rishit Kaushik - Writer/Director/Actor/Editor/D.O.P

Jai Batra - Actor

Likhit Kodela - Asistant D.O.P

Dev Morker - Production Manager