My RØDE Reel Tips & Tricks - Getting Started

My RØDE Reel Tips & Tricks - Getting Started

Want to enter the My RØDE Reel film competition but don't know where to start?

Together with Ryan Connolly & Olivia Speranza, we have made a series of tips & tricks for My RØDE Reel covering topics like sound design, camera movement, lighting & wardrobe.

Before you pickup your camera & start filming, the first thing you need is an idea. Even if you don't have the best gear or equipment, your viewers will appreciate a good narrative. So watch the video to find out how to brainstorm your idea.

Don't forget to visit to download your free starter pack containing templates for scripts, storyboards, budgets & a shot list.

Don't forget to share your progress with us on our social channels with the hashtag #myrodereel & #rodemic