Joni Gaok Grumpy Night

Absolut Nine
Genre: comedy drama

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Me

More Information:

Joni Gaok is a decent man that celebrate his friend for his relationship with her girlfriend. After came home from the club, he have some problem to get inside his house cause of his drunk.

Absolut Nine

Kenny saputra

Director of Photography

In this short film I'm using the night scene to give a sense is midnight. I give a hard light from redhead 800w fire to white ceiling, but maintain the size to match with the light that is visible.
On background I bounce small light using reflector but not on full power, just to make sure is well lit. The other light I'm using is practical light with daylight balance so it will make the scene more blue. I'm using tungsten white balance so the daylight light will looks more cool.
For audio production I'm using the Rode smartlav+ and Rode VideoMicro. The other I'm using is Rode VideoMicMe for the BTS using iPhone 6s.
I match the sound from recorder zoom H1N and the footage with pluraleyes and edit it on adobe premiere pro and adobe audition.

Watch the BTS