My RØDE Reel 2017 - Whispers Short Film 2017

Evan Schneider/Hop Top Films
Genre: horror scifi
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


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Dani & Lucky are hunters of everything supernatural. From ghosts to demons it is their duty to rid the world of evil. When Wendy calls the duo to rid her husband of a murderous demon possessing his body they may have bit off more than they can chew.

Evan Schneider/Hop Top Films

Evan Schneider


Dylan Kiely

B Camera Operator

Taylor Briand

Set Decorator

Brianna Shockley

Sound Mixer

Jonathan Kemper

Sound Mixer

Haroon Wahid

Boom Operator

Michael Chopoorian

Behind The Scenes Videographer

Clint Porte


Danielle Schneider

SFX Makeup

Samantha Rego

SFX Makeup

Jackie Jackson

Production Assistant

Anthony Westling

Production Assistant

Eileen Slavin


Wendi Elle Flanders


Sebec Dillon


Hope Bohannon


Ben "Lucky" Nocera


Dani Angelo


Brandon White

Production Assistant

Steven DiPietro

Production Assistant

Shane Lamm

Production Assistant

Coordinating our shoot with no budget was probably the biggest challenge of all. Pooling together our resources between various filmmakers and local non-union Actors & Actresses we were able to film a bloody little short. I was able to bring to the table my lighting and sound equipment featuring Arri & IKAN lights, RODE Lavalier & Shotgun Mics & footage shot with my Red Scarlet MX camera and another filmmaker's Black Magic Ursa Mini to hand to our editor who did a fantastic job. Our Behind The Scenes photographer shot with his onboard Rode Shotgun Mic & Canon 70D Camera. We rented a fog machine and bought a generator and even made our own make shift pneumatic blood spraying apparatus. It was a blast literally and figuratively all thanks to MY RØDE REEL 2017.

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