My Rode Reel - The Line

Bernd Granitzer
Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

This is a film I made about the path to succes and the difficulties you have to overcome to reach your goal.
Slacklining seemed an appropriate sport to tell the story because it's a very difficult sport and often gets frustrating.

Bernd Granitzer




Drone operator



In this video i go over how I approached making the film, and the equipment i used.
all the audio was recorded on the rode videomic. I used it in combination with a zoom h1 recorder, or directly plugged into the camera.

As for video I used a Panasonic G7 mirorless body with a speedbooster XL, mainly a canon 70-200, with some establishing shots from the sigma 17-50 f2.8, only one shot of the DJI Phantom 3 made the cut. Visually not the most appealing od shots, but I felt the need to use it because I was using a lot of tele shots and wanted some different focal ranges and angles.

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