Kenya Dreaming: My Name is Esther | My Rode Reel 2017

Frederick-James Koch/ Alabaster Mobile Clinic
Genre: documentary VLOG

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Tens of thousands of people volunteer all over the world, But when you realise that the best gift you can give a people that need aid is to get to them to the point that they don't need you any more. That's real change. Our Missionary operation in Kenya is quickly getting to that point and its heartbreakingly wonderful to be a part of.

Frederick-James Koch/ Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Frederick-James Koch

Director of Photography

I was using a ixy mic for use with the old iphones and ipads so it proved to be a little tricky but I also had some Lavs which worked out great, But what I would give to get one of those RODE News shooters or filmakers kits, Just a dream. A lot of the footage was shot on GH4 and DJI Osmo. We shot out in the wilderness in Kenya. About 3 miles off the Tanzanian border. No showers, no power, No water. So challenging but extremely rewarding for everybody involved.