'Mount Stromlo' - RodeReel 2017

Oran & Rohan
Genre: documentary TVC
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

Mount Stromlo was burnt down in 2003 in the Canberra bushfires and was reborn as a world class mountain biking site.

This is a story about our friend Matt, his relationship to Mount Stromlo and mountain biking.

Made for Rode Reel 2017
Featuring: Matt Ryan
Sound Engineer: Rohan Hall.
Written, Directed, Produced and Edited: Oran Yota

Oran & Rohan

Rohan Hall

Sound Engineer

Oran Yota

Director of Photography

Making a short film about our friend Matt's bike accident involved using some action camera and drone footage, which made it hard to record audio on location.

So we decided to make shift foley studio!
In our garage... in the middle of winter...
Using what ever we could find and the trusty Rode NTG3 find out what we sampled to add another dimension to our short 'Mount Stromlo'.

But it was so much fun that we cant wait to do it again.