MyRODEReel2018 We're Out of Time!

Pablo Schmitt/Brainstorm
Genre: comedy action

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

Time is running out! Agent Rhode instructs Agent Riel on how to diffuse the sinister bomb! Will she diffuse it in time?

Pablo Schmitt/Brainstorm

Pablo Schmitt


Alan Thornburg

Writer/Actor/Production Design

Hendrik James


Lance Murphy


We had some tough times constructing the "bomb". We relied on Home Depot and scrap metal, pipes, PCs, vacuums etc to put this thing together. Also, dealing with the extreme heat and humidity of South Texas made shooting this a nightmare. We used the RODE Smart Lav inside of the helmet and the Video Mic for synching and also on the OSMO during Alan's scenes.