Håndbryg hos Forloren Espresso | My Røde Reel 2018

Niels Nielsen

RØDE Gear Used:

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

More Information:

We brew with Kalita Wave in my coffee shop, and many people buy the equipment for home use. This video documents how we brew our coffee (explained in Danish) so the customers can have a place to start when exploring the world of coffee.
The YouTube film has English subtitles.

Niels Nielsen

Niels Nielsen


This is a one-person production done with an iPhone 8 as the primary tool, and recorded in connection with my daily work in the coffee shop.
I did all camera, sound, foley, editing, VO etc with the following tools:
iPhone 8 and 5s used to record video and sound
Sound: Røde Film Maker Kit, Røde VideoMicro and RØDE M1.
Post production software: iMovie & Keynote
My coffee shop is located in the centre of Copenhagen, and has a strong focus on quality coffee as well as an ambition to be a place of importance for the people that works and lives in the neighbourhood - the BTS shows the colorful life in the shop as well as illustrations of how the Røde products were used.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: