INSURED a short film_My RØDE Reel

Carl Houston Mc Millan
Genre: comedy drama

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

Set and filmed in Lesotho, Insured is a short film about two insurance brokers struggling to sell a new insurance product. With the fear of loosing their jobs they come up with a genius idea.

Carl Houston Mc Millan

Carl Houston Mc Millan


Pheello Makosholo


Christian Denslow

Director of Photography

Moleboheng Rampou

production manager

Written, directed and edited by Carl Houston Mc Millan,
Filming took place over 2 days in Roma, Lesotho. We had a small crew of about 7 people, 2 main actors and the rest of the cast were first time actors.

We used a Rode NTG2 shotgun microphone and a Rode boom pole.
Camera used was the Canon c200 with Leica R series primes.

You may not notice in the film but most shots are static with minimal camera movement as to let the action play out in the frame.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: