They Come from Closets | My Rode Reel 2018

SH Productions
Genre: horror

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

They Come From Closets follows a bogeyman exterminator Eadie Salter as she sets out to help her latest client, a single father and his terrified son, but soon things start going off the rails and she realises that she may be in way over her head.

SH Productions

Christian Grobbelaar

Writer and Director

Ryan Johnson


Luke Gordon

Director of Photography

Jasmine Coryndon-Baker

First AC

Bronwyn Kilian

Costume and Makeup

Jemme De Lancey

Art Department

Jayme Kingaby

Sound Recordist
Sound Design and Mixing

Simbai Kanjere

Behind The Scenes

Devin Gordon Nourse


Tom Dodoson


Michael Marshall

Art Assistance

Liam O'brien


Rainer Duve


Kristi Van Der Riet


Drikus Volschenk


Bjorn Bertholdt


Jarryd Duthoit

Colour Grading

They Come From Closets was shot over one winter’s night on the Sony a7s ii. For sound we recorded to a Zoom H6, using the Røde NTG2. Because we were shooting in the city, having a mic with strong directionality was important to help us get clean sound, while reducing outside noise of nearby ragers.

The key was speed so we curated our equipment for that purpose. We used the Zhiyun Crane 2 for a large portion of the shoot and did our best to plan as well as humanly possible.

Makeup for the Bogeyman took around 5 hours with full prosthetic pieces applied to his hands and face.

We dressed the set with an 80’s aesthetic in mind, it helped us be visually cohesive and created a cozy timeless quality.

The shoot was gruelling, but after 16 hours it was finally time to wrap!