COME BACK TO ME - My Rode Reel Short Film

Catherine McCord
Genre: drama

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COME BACK TO ME follows the relationship between a mother and her son, from infancy to adulthood. The mom, a deployed 20-year veteran soldier, questions the balance between serving her country and raising her son.

Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord

Director of Photography

Rebecca McCord


Collin Ausbury

Boom Operator
Production Assistant

Kiah Svendsen

Production Assistant

All films present challenges and solutions; COME BACK TO ME provided both. In addition to my producer, I only had two crew and four actors, leaving me to be the combined roles of co-producer, writer, director, cinematographer, and editor. My producer and I scouted nine indoor school locations, but all of them required rental fees and expensive insurance policies that were beyond my budget. I was able to accommodate the move to an outdoor location by editing the script. I was particularly fortunate to have a friend who had recently given birth and had a toddler son. Since you can’t really script an infant or toddler’s actions, it was helpful to have them reacting to their actual mother. It gave an intimacy and realism to their scenes together. Again, I improvised off script to capture moments from the two younger actors that could be carried throughout to the adult son’s scenes.

We used the Røde Rycote Suspension System for recording on location and voice-over narration. I shot the footage on two cameras, a 5D Mkii and a Mkiii. Every shot in this film is naturally lit. For the stunt pullback, we used an air mattress for the actor to fall back on.

I learned that being prepared and being resourceful on set allowed me, as the writer/director, to improvise confidently which made the final cut even better.