Bakhona - RODE Reel 2018

Burley Boys
Genre: drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

This story is about one woman's spiritual journey and her acceptance of her traditional spiritualism and her western christian upbringing.

Burley Boys

Daryl Burley

Executive Producer

Robin de Jager

Co- Creative

Thina Zibi


Barend Stofberg


Hofmeyr Smit


Grant Harris

Audio Engineer

Bakhona was filmed over two days on the Black Magic Ursa mini pro 4.6K with the Sigma Cine prime lenses, editing in Adobe Premiere CC as well as VFX in Adobe AfterFX and the Grading was done in Davinci resolve. The Audio design was done in Pro Tools.

The Behind the Scenes was filmed on the Canon 5D Mark iii, using the Rode Rifle Mic.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: