Sienna Meets Praise - RODE REEL 2018

Sienna Meets Praise
Genre: documentary TVC

RØDE Gear Used:

DeadCat GO
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
VideoMic Pro

More Information:

Born on the same day, six months apart, on opposite sides of the globe. Sienna and Praise have different worlds. But these 10-year-olds have a beautiful friendship that crosses cultures and continents. And after more than four years and 60 letters, they met in Kenya for the first time. Their story celebrates a relationship more powerful than poverty.

Sienna Meets Praise

Kym Basoka


Simon Moore

Director of Photography

Sophia Bayly

Assistant Camera

'Sienna Meets Praise' was a story told by two girls in their own words - we as film makers just got to come along for the ride.

Filming social-documentaries like these come with a lot of variables but we crafted a story in a way that meant the humanity and similarities of the girls carried the story and their connectedness.

Through charities like Compassion both families deeply benefit from a relationship through child sponsorship and we wanted to share the joy of this.

Sponsor: Compassion Australia
Pre-production: 6 months
Post-Production: 4 months
Location: Sydney Australia, Ooloontoto, Kenya
Products used: Canon C300 Mark II, Red, Movi, Rode Audio gear
Key Film team: Kym Basoka and Bayly & Moore