My Rode Reel 2017 - Alzheimer by Miguel Cármenes

Miguel Cármenes
Genre: drama music

RØDE Gear Used:


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This short film tells the story of an old man with Alzheimer, and the struggle within his mind while trying to remember who are the people of an old portrait he found.

Miguel Cármenes

Miguel Cármenes

Director of Photography

Thalia Lamar


Ricardo Morejon

Sound Recordist

Juan Esparza


Mae guerrero

Make up artist

David Guerrero


Santiago Proaño


Alzheimer was shoot on 2 days, on a total of 5 locations around the country and with the help of my friends. The idea came from a person that is very close to me and fights with this disease every day. This film was shoot on the Sony A6300 and the Sony Fs5. Using a Rode NTG2 as our main microphone for sounds in the field.

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