"The Last Inning" My RØDE Reel 2017

Ryan Rust / PMI
Genre: drama

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

The Last Inning is a story about a young boy who one day decides to head to a local sandlot and listen to a game played on a cassette tape.

Ryan Rust / PMI

Ryan Rust


Anastasia Farmerie


Shawn Jackson

Sound Recordist

Julia Hannan


Danny Johnson


Ryan Kroboth

Director of Photography

Jim McClain


David Case

Executive Producer

David Hartman

Executive Producer

Jay Shaffer

1st AC

Zach McKnight


Matt Turner


Sebastian Dunglinson

Scott Leach

We shot the short film on the RED Scarlet M-X. We wanted to go for a very cinematic feel and look. Our inspiration for the film comes from all of the classic baseball films. Our goal was to make a connection with the audience through our visual story telling and sound. The sound design played a key role in the film using our Rode VideoMic Pro. Its goal was to capture each sound that the actor played out as well as the radio VO.