Aram Atkinson
Genre: drama

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Camping is a magical time for any child, but for this particular young girl and her father, it is an experience they'll never forget. Fireflies is about the dedication and love of a father to his daughter, and the mysterious and magical things that can happen when you let your imagination run wild.

Aram Atkinson

Aram Atkinson


Harrison Bates

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Ricky Gane

Camera Operator
production assistant

Jamie Kemp

Production Assistant
Camera Operator

Nikki McMullen


Riyadh Haque

Associate Producer

We shot at Treehouse Digital Studio in Bournemouth and Poole Hospital (thanks guys for the free locations). We used two NTG3 microphones, one booming over the top and one on the camera. Shot with a 2 camera set up (FS700 and the beautiful FS5). To create the fireflies effect we used optic fibres and Ricky/Jamie's manual labour skills. The hardest bit was building the tent, and difficult to light with such a huge yellow wall so close to the action, but think it worked out well! Enjoy!