Pól’s Children

Can You Hold This For A Sec? | #MyRodeReel2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This lighthearted film was shot as a fun little project at the start of Summer, before everyone went away on holiday. We left a lot up to chance on the day, and having done only minimum pre production ran into many practical issues that morning. It took a while to find a good park to position ourselves close a shop, where we inevitably need to run to for stocking up on lollies, and we had neglected to bring an ice box to store them it. This resulted in many shop runs, and some continuity errors with quickly melting lollies in the freakishly hot Northern Irish sun. The footage came out less than satisfactory, and we wondered whether it was even possible to string this together.
However, post production was our saviour. The reality of the awkward practicalities of the lollipops had captured some very real, very funny moments as they melted. We were able to fix a number of continuity issues with superimposed lollipops over the mere stumps that were left on the day, and a little extra foley, recorded on the VideoMic Pro+, cleaned up the soundscape nicely, along with some comedic pizzicato strings to sell the awkwardness of the moment.
In the end the project was something we could all of happy and proud with, a lesson learned about putting the time in during the edit to extract something from lesser footage.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro+