neo Schwartz

My Rode Reel 2019 Bad Cop, Worse Cop

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Entering My Røde Reel now for the 4th time, alway trying to improve upon the last project I did. Using the Røde mics that I have gathered over the years to shoot this short right next to a noisy road. I used a mix of hand held and tripod mounted shots with plenty of post production stabilisation. The Røde NTG-2 was my main work horse with the Røde smartLav+ and Røde Videomic Me on backup. After having trouble with child sporting events in the attended location and a car show in the other we were able to wait them out and film out front a heritage based car museum and a baseball protective pitching wall. Gathering two of my aspiring stunt performer friends (Nick Tomkins, Cassie Valastro) and my faithful AD (Jordan Copain), we have a good shorthand and trust to move fast with our limited time.

RØDE Gear Used: