Pineapple Flavored Productions

Pay Raise | My RØDE Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

"Pay Raise" was written with the intent and constraints of comedy and accessibility. With every production I try to use as many resources I have at my disposal, so, I decided to write a small comedy that takes place at my office. The actors in the short, are all amazing talent that I have worked on previous projects with, that I have built a solid foundation with, and continue to love to collaborate with.

For the cinematography of the short, I really wanted to represent the atmosphere of each character based around the stability of the camera. Therefore, when the camera is pointed towards Ashley and Susan it was mounted on my shoulder, and when we face Tom, we stay stationary on a tripod, demonstrating the stark contrast between the characters.

Audio was recorded with the Rode NTG3 microphone, and was done by no other than my little brother Sam.

Everyone involved was a giant help, and the entirety of the shooting went really well!

RØDE Gear Used: