Bogusław Wiktorowicz


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This picture was shot over two busy days in two Polish countryside locations: at the Museum of Kielce Village in the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia and at the Agricultural and Fisheries Farm

in Polna Rzeka (Field River). The internal scenes where shot at the private property of the family of a significant crew member. Thanks to that we had the unique possibility to built the whole sconography as we wished to and to get to know in advance all the sheep actresses (and one male sheep actor). What is more, we did not get bored in the evenings (at all!). Our favourite meal on the set were traditional Polish dumplings (pierogi), which seemed to be the best we have ever eaten (but that might have just been an illusion).

The following equipment was used during production of the film:
Video: Panasonic Lumix G5, Kowa anamorphic lens, Movi stabilization system
Audio: Sound Devices 633, Rode NTG3, Rode Blimp, DPA Microphones
Music: Kalimba, Hurdy Gurdy, Moog Subsequent 37, Rode NT2A, Shure KSM44.

RØDE Gear Used: