A-Town Studios

THE CHASE: A Short Film | MyRodeReel 2019 Entry

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

THE CHASE was the product of a lot of planning, location scouting and YouTube video surfing and was filmed over a few months in Anderson, S.C.. The film was shot on the Fujifilm X-T3 as well as the Sony a6300, with a lot of help from the DJI Ronin S. We cut the film together in Premiere Pro and did all VFX shots in After Effects using the rotoscope and puppet warp tools to create a teleportation effect. All of our audio was recorded on the Rode Video Micro, which worked great for everything we needed it for. There's a lot of audio that we added in post production including sound effects and dialogue, which we recorded directly through Premiere Pro using the Video Micro. We paid a lot of attention to the audio in this film, and our Rode Product made it a lot easier to get good audio as an amateur filmmaker.

RØDE Gear Used: