Kashuks - Obscurity (MyRodeReel)

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This is what happens when your music maker compadre releases an album that is so underrated it actually hurts. Shooting 5 meters underwater with exceptionally heavy equipment, two days at a country side trying to drown the musician himself, the production wasn't anything short of spectacular. No budget, no experience in shooting underwater and actors (musician himself and his three sisters) that found it was extremely hard to drown.

Even though video does not include much sound design, the intro ambient, as well as the percussions in the music are recorded with Rode Videomic Pro. Funny enough, with enough skill, a guy like Kashuks feels no problem mastering these sounds made with a casual video microphone. One tool for everything, because it all lies in the creativity of the individual.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro