Lakshya Purohit

My Rode Reel | Aazad | Short Film | 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Since the story revolved around a person visiting his home after 2 years, we took a conscious decision to shoot just in one room location. The room acted as the second character , adding on to the layer of the story. Finding the location was the most difficult task of all, We faced three cancellation before finally getting to shoot at a friend's house. We tried to use camera in three angles i.e Wide, mid close and macro shots. Since there was no dialogue and the narration was poetry we tried to keep visuals as detailed as possible that convey the story even without the narration. Finally we used RODE mic to record ambient sounds and some foley sounds as well while shooting on set. Later used the same to record the narration for the film. While we shot the film using Nikon D500 and shot the BTS with a mobile phone. The biggest challenge was to get the essence of the story right under 3 minutes, somewhere we managed to do it. Talking about challenges, we manages to finish the film in 3 days, as we had no availability of location until last moment. We had lost all hopes until we got a call on 24th night and the location was perfect we printed all the artwork got all props and got the camera ready. From creating music to scratch to edit was all accomplished in three days, unfortunately we couldn't showcase it in the BTS because of lack of time. We tried our best to tell the story.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO