Lloyd Ea/Michi Dichi

Odd Draws - My RODE REEL 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This short film is a chaotic vfx type of film. We actually shot in a classroom in University of California, Irvine. The challenge was how do we turn a classroom into an underground poker room. Well, the answer is using trusses to rig LED panels and using the black cloth to hang around the truss to create that interesting underground room. We used the RODE NTG mic in our production, and it's performance on production audio is really crisp and clear.

We also used the NTG mic to record violin parts for the music composition since we wanted something to help carry out the tone of the short film which it includes the character's thoughts, emotion, situation and triumph.

Since it is vfx heavy film, we actually previs the vfx shots beforehand so we could be better prepared than never. It helps give us the foundation to get these cool shots.

RØDE Gear Used: