Minus Comm Films

Constructive Criticism | Short Film | My Rode Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Our short was shot over two afteroons on a weekend in a basement and garage. Key props were crafted in-house, including the house of the puppets, backdrop of the puppet stage, and the "conspiracy board" used by the kidnapper. A projector was used as part of the garage scenes projecting the puppet video in the background, and at the same time it served as a key component of the lighting setup. We used a fog machine to create some haze on set for a more dramatic aesthetic and to add to the tension of the scene.

Gear Used:
- Rode NTG3 & Blimp
- Sony A7 III with 28-70mm lens
- Tascam DR-70D Field Recorder
- LED GO B560 Bi-Colour Lights
- Fog machine
- Slider

RØDE Gear Used: