Alexis Orfanidis

Just Dance videoclip

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We shot this on a BMPCC4k with a native lumix 18-35mm and a Samyang 85mm plus a Tokina 11-16 (for the crame shots) with a Speedbooster. We also used two Aputure C300D leds with a set of gels for the night scenes. Everything except from the one rode microphone, the tripod and the handmaid dolly and crane was rented for 2 days. As this was my first short film, I didn't have any experience with the use of equipment. I literally touched every piece (except from the things I owned) a day before the shootings. Although, I have studied the equipment for many weeks before I got to use it via the tutorials in YouTube (Thank God for their existence. FilmRiot I love you!).
As for the locations, originally we were to shoot the first scene somewhere else but minutes(!) before the shooting, private security cars came to the place and told us that we couldn;t shoot there because it was property of the church..! So we readjusted our scenes and shot them in a place near were we would originally shoot.
We tried to approach a dreamy vibe by purposefully braking some basic rules of cinematography like the 180 degree rule and added little details (like the complementary colors) that couldn't be consistent in reality.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro